What Is The Actual Product of SHS&S?

Our Format and Cost and How do You Get Started?

The Product Overview

What will you receive and how will you benefit from the 4 Week Training Courses of SHS&S?

The following information was designed to show you the user the many benefits and features of the 4 Week Training Course of the SHS&S Organization to: the Main Caregiver, the Individual in need of total care and all individuals involved with the daily care needs of the individual, including physicians. It is all designed to make the daily challenges of caregiving easier for all involved.

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The Format

The 4 week training material is in a PDF format that’s downloadable with accompanying videos. It will allow the user to create a medical profile of the person needing care, with some of the latest tools and skills a DSP or professional caregivers use daily trained by professional caregiving agencies.

Features and Benefits
to the Caregiver

  • This medical profile can be used throughout the duration of the individual’s ailment.
  • The training materials is also designed to help the user (or main caregiver) generate and train additional caregivers who can work consistently a few days a week to give them free time for themselves, thus preventing Caregiver Burnout!

Additional Features!

Most professional caregiving agencies work with Home Healthcare Agencies via a Doctors order in an individual’s home. Both agencies working together is what basically turns their home into a full service caregiving system!

The training materials you will receive through SHS&S with the support of Home Healthcare as needed via Doctors orders, will give you the necessary tools and skills to create a similar process and environment in the home of the individual you take care of!

Cost Effectiveness
and Convenience

The One Time Cost for the entire 4 Week Training Course of the SHS&S Organization is less than 25% of the monthly median cost to receive caregiving through professional caregiving agencies according to statistics!

Taking into consideration that caregivers suffering from burnout have limited time, the program can be completed in as little as 4 Weeks, it is online, easily accessible and user friendly.

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Video-1 Generalized Training
Course 1, Weeks 1 & 2

Let’s Get Started Now!

If you are a Caregiver suffering from Burnout how do you get started?

Now that you have seen the many features and benefits of the program do the following:

Step-1: Determine which Course you need to purchase based on the individual’s ailment.

  • If the individual has Dementia you will purchase Dementia Courses 1 weeks 1&2 for $400 and Dementia Course 2 weeks 3&4 for $400 for a total of $800.
  • If the individual has any other disease you will purchase Generalized Course 1 Weeks 1&2 for $400 and Generalized Course 2 Weeks 3&4 for $400 for a total of $800.

Step-2: Just click on the button to Download the 2 courses that matches the description of the individual you are caring for. (Complete weeks 1&2 before proceeding to weeks 3&4)