About the CEO

My name is Lynnel Townsend and I have had over 17 years of experience in various areas of Professional Caregiving. I cared for children and adults with a variety of physical and emotional disabilities. I have cared for up to three disabled individuals at a time in need of total care in a single home.
Lynnel Townsend

What caused me to create my 4 week program SHS&S?

Through my experience, I have witnessed the physical and emotional toll that 24/7 caregiving has taken on the lives of dear friends of mine and others providing caregiving without a support system. It broke my heart that I was unable to help such ones when many in a state of panic asked for my help. This is why I decided to create a program that would give other families in similar crises some of the same skills and tools a DSP would offer if they received support through an agency. I wanted to provide these services for a fraction of the cost.

As a caregiver myself, I know the limited amount of time other caregivers have to focus on any material or information, no matter how valuable it is for themselves and the individual they are taking care of. For this reason I made sure my training material was online, easily accessible and it can be completed in as little as four weeks. I also knew these caregivers needed immediate, affordable and quality solutions as they struggle with the daily problems related to never ending caregiving.

Also, as a professional caregiver, the training I received through Home Caregiving Agencies gave me access to many of the main tools, skills and services these agencies MUST have and use daily to operate a successful caregiving agency. I’ve included a few of these skills and tools in my training material inside my 4 week online training program, designed to benefit caregivers who could not get help through such agencies. 

Also as a professional caregiver, I knows how other Caregivers think, what they need and what it will take to end caregiver burnout.

I designed the program in a way to show you how to locate additional caregivers that we will train who will offer something BETTER THAN RESPITE CARE, which is a temporary solution. We will train caregivers who can work at least, 2-3 days a week, 8-10 hours a day on a consistent basis, in order to give you free time for yourself so that you could get your life back!

Why Did I Choose The Name SHS&S, Structured Holistic Services & Schedules?

First of all, what makes our services so compelling is our services gets to the root of the main issues of caregiving burnout and creates workable solutions. We use a holistic approach when tackling caregiving so that the needs and concerns of everyone involved are taken into consideration.

The acronym SHS&S stands for Structured Holistic Services & Schedules. I chose this title because of the primary needs of the caregiver working 24/7 without a support system. Those needs are as follows:

• They need structure – because their life is chaotic as they try to learn new medical terminology techniques and procedures to care for the person or persons needing total care.

• They need a holistic approach – because they need everything to tie in together and make sense. This includes simplicity and having a plan of action in place.

• They need a variety of services – this includes a support systems, skills, resources and services that can come together to make their life and the life of the person needing total care easier.

• They need schedules – Finally, even though they need additional caregivers that can relieve them, what they DONT NEED is respite care only! This is because respite is a temporary fix for a few hours sporadically. They need additional caregivers that are consistent, with a schedule, working the same time, the same day a few days EVERY week. This is what helps this main caregiver make personal plans and have free time for themselves. This also helps them have the physical strength and mental clarity to be the best caregiver they can to the person needing care. This is how everybody wins!

So a Structured Holistic Service & Schedule is a unique plan of action that can be tailored to meet the needs of the caregiver, the person needing care and their families. It allows these uninsured individuals, their families and caregivers to receive some of the same skills and tools they would receive through professional Home Caregiving Agency, but in a small amount of time and for a fraction of the cost.

Meet My Team Members

Hector's image

Hector C.
Marketing Director

Hector's exceptional organizational, motivational, and leadership skills have greatly contributed to our project management, including spearheading several projects. His unwavering dedication to our mission of supporting caregivers experiencing burnout is a valuable asset. What sets him apart as an expert in caregiver burnout is his personal experience, as he and his family were among the first to complete our 4-week training program. His positive experience with the program inspired him to join our team as a volunteer.

Reuben T.
Web Developer

Reuben, a freelance web developer, brings a wealth of expertise to our projects. His skill set includes front-end and back-end development, ensuring that our websites not only look great but also function seamlessly. With a strong commitment to delivering high-quality work, Reuben is a dependable partner in our web development endeavors. His experience as a freelancer allows him to adapt quickly to our unique project requirements, making him an invaluable asset to our team.

Sheena's picture

Sheena S.
Administrative Assistant

After witnessing friends and family members suffer from burnout, Sheena decided to devoted her time and energy to assist our staff with various projects and programs designed to help other caregivers. She says she feels our program is just what they need to help them out and end caregiver burnout.

Nia's picture

Nia D.
Program Director

Nia has devoted her time and energy to make suggestions and critiquing projects to make sure the programs and services we provide our clients is as accurate as possible and of the highest quality.

Babita T.
SEO Expert

Babita is a versatile freelance digital marketing expert with a focus on SEO and social media management. Her SEO skills drive organic traffic through keyword research and optimization, while her social media expertise results in engaging content creation, graphics design, and strategic posting. Babita's adaptable approach keeps our online presence competitive, making her a valuable asset in achieving our digital goals.

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