Support for Caregivers Suffering from Burnout

Are you or someone you love a caregiver of an individual needing total care?

If so, Is your health failing and are you suffering from Burnout because you’re working 24/7 without support?

Are you unable to afford the cost of caregiving and find out like many there is little to no money available to help you pay the cost?

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If this sounds like you, what if I told you there is a way you could:

  • Have some of the same tools and skills you would receive if you could afford the services of a Professional Caregiving Agency?
  • What if the cost to have some of these tools and skills was a ONE TIME FEE, that would cost about 1/4th of the monthly cost of caregiving services through such agencies?

If this sounds like you, please follow along to find out: What causes caregiver burnout, what it can do to your health and how you can prevent being the next victim. Because Caregiver Burnout is becoming an epidemic, let me help you understand why there needs to be a NEW APPROACH TO CAREGIVING. Find out what that New Approach is in our 4 Week online training program!

The cause of caregiver burnout

Statistics have shown that caregiver burnout can occur when a caregiver works 24/7 to care for one or more individuals needing total care without a support system. Because they do not have someone to give them relief on a consistent basis, this leads to physical and mental exhaustion and can have life threatening effects on the caregivers health.

Another major contributing factor to caregiver burnout is when the individual/individuals needing total care does not have insurance or the financial means to afford the cost of professional caregiving agencies.

What is this cost? According to statistics, the 2023 median hourly rate of caregiving in the United States is $24 an hour! For just 8 hours of care, it cost $192 a day! And for only 22 days of care through professional caregiving agencies, the cost is $4,224! So these caregivers working 24/7 that cannot afford to pay someone else to work a few days a week to give them a break, remain in a DESPERATE situation! This is what takes a physical and emotional toll on their health!

Carrie the Caregiver

Watch the following video to see how caregiver burnout can impact a person’s health

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So what is the solution? Where can they find quality caregiving that’s affordable, convenient, and that can provide some of the same services they would receive if they were able to receive help from such agencies?

A Structured Holistic Service & Schedule (SHS&S) is an organized plan of action, designed to give caregivers suffering from burnout tools, skills, resources and the support system they need to prevent them from suffering from total burnout.


The 4 week training program of SHS&S is streamlined in order to duplicate many of the services caregivers suffering from burnout would receive if they could afford the services from such agencies. The training can be completed in a relatively short period of time and for a fraction of the cost. Our one time cost is almost one fourth the monthly cost of care through such agencies. It is designed to benefit individuals who do not have insurance or are unable to afford the cost through such agencies.

It will assist you, the main family caregiver, in generating additional caregivers from among friends, family, or employment websites that we will train. These caregivers will provide quality and affordable care to your loved one for 2-3 days a week, allowing you free time away from your loved one, whose disease may be taking an emotional and physical toll on your own health.

Our service is designed to create a unique plan of action tailored to meet yours and your family’s specific needs. As a result, you will have the time to educate yourself on your loved one’s disease and the effects it is having on their brain and your own health.

Our service is also designed to direct you to professional tools and valuable resources that will equip you with the skills to better manage the effects of the disease.

We will also help you create a medical profile, similar to the ones used by professional home caregiving agencies, that will be filled with important information about your loved one’s health and disease. This information will be readily accessible to any medical professional involved in your loved one’s care.

Our 4 week training course

to Support Caregivers Suffering from Burnout!


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Why does there need to be a NEW APPROACH to CAREGIVING and what is my New Approach?

Traditionally most people focus on the needs of the individual needing total care first, and that is understandable since they cannot care for many of their own physical needs. But statistics have shown that unless you support both, the caregiver and the person needing care simultaneously and as a unit, the caregiver will burnout and not have the physical strength and mental clarity to care for the person needing care. This could also lead to both people needing care, the person in need of total care and the caregiver!

For this reason our New Approach to caregiving bypasses this traditional way of caregiving. We concentrate on helping them both as a unit. By considering both of their needs SIMULTANEOUSLY, you prevent risking the chance of having 2 sick people. Please watch the following 2 videos to explain how serious this issue is: