Services We PROVIDE
ServicesWe DO NOT

Our services are not designed to provide educational resources to help a family better understand their love ones disease. In a world with so many disease effecting individuals each day it would be impossible to provide such information. Our services are designed to try to direct you to such resources or organizations that can help you in this regard. For this reason, as you view additional resources, our services will act as a “Bridge connecting you to these valuable resources.”

It is important however to view any of these resources AFTER receiving training through our SHS&S plan of action. This is because as many Main Family Caregivers have experienced and expressed, despite how valuable resources may be, these individuals are too overwhelmed and consumed with the 24/7 care of their love ones they don’t have time to view such resources. For this reason, after completing our 4 week course, our services will give these individuals and their families, structure, a unique plan of action and training. We will also try to help them generate additional caregivers. As a result with a plan of action in place, they will now have the free time, physical strength and mental clarity to better focus on such agencies and organizations designed to educate them on their love ones disease. This is how the SHS&S (plan of action) will act as a BRIDGE, connecting a person to such resources.

Though we are in no way affiliated with the following agencies or organizations, we feel the valuable resources they can provide can further support and educate you with your daily caregiving challenges. But REMEMBER! It is important to have your SHS&S in place BEFORE you view information from such resources so that you will have the time and mental clarity to get the most out of their services. It is the hope of the SHS&S Team that with our support and the support you receive from such resources, together we can create a unique plan of action that will support you throughout the duration of your love ones illness. As a result you can create cherished memories that will not be clouded by overwhelming grief and frustration. We hope we have been successful in helping you the Main Family Caregiver and Family to see why it is IMPERATIVE that you have a support system and plan of action in place with unending caregiving.

Resources to help the Main Family Caregiver:

 Please Google the following videos and information to to help you understand how dire it is that the Main Family Caregiver has additional caregivers and a support system:

  1. “Understanding Caregiver Stress” National Hospice.
  2. Caregivers Must Be Selfish To Survive | Dave Nassaney | TEDxWilmingtonWomen…10 minute 17 second video. Some of the points he mentions is as follows: “Did you know that 30% of caregivers will die before their loved ones do? Many more will become sicker than the ones they care for, eventually needing a caregiver of their own? Everyone will eventually either become a caregiver or need a caregiver, so NOW is the time to learn how to become one, before tragedy strikes!…”
  3.  Caregiver Burnout-It is not just patients who need help 5 min. 32 sec.

Resources to help Main Family Caregivers with love ones with Dementia:

1-The following video will help you see how your health can be effected by your love ones Dementia and why it is imperative that you get outside help. Please type in your browser: “Managing Dementia Caregiver Stress: 4 Tips to cope with Difficult Dementia Behaviors.” This is taken from a group called: Dementia Care Blazers.

2- Download the charts from “Stages of Dementia: The 3 Stages and 7 Stage Model.”

3- Watch 7 videos of Teepa Snow under a website called: Positive approach to care” Teepa’s Dementia Videos.” (Take notes) Teepa Snow is an expert on Dementia and one of the Home Caregiving Agencies I worked for trained me and other DSP’s with her valuable resources.

So after understanding the services we DO PROVIDE, if you or someone you know are in DESPERATE NEED of a support system and plan of action as you deal with the daily challenges of never-ending caregiving to someone you love…