Testimonials from some of our past clients

Brenda Warren Testimonials picture

Interview with Brenda Warren from Tennessee when asked the following questions who used
a SHS&S for her husband who was in a facility:

1- Even though your husband was in a facility, how did it make you feel to have a plan of
action in place that was tailored to meet his specific needs?
It gave me peace of mind to know I could have a skilled caregiver in place who knows what to look
for that was checking in on my husband. This was important despite the fact that he was in a facility
in order to make sure his needs were met.

2- What were some of the things the plan of action included for your husband?
Because my husband was going through a deep depression the plan was structured to set daily
and weekly goals concerning his caloric intake of food, to set physical, spiritual and emotional
goals. In the plan we were also encouraged to buy certain things such as a Television and keep his
favorite channel running throughout the day. Also to purchase a Microwave and refrigerator so we
could prepare additional foods he liked and refrigerate these. We kept a notebook and pens to take
accurate notes so that our family and the caregivers could keep up with and write down all of his
activities and caloric and liquid intake for the day, as well as measuring cups to know how much
food and liquids he was taking in.

3- How vital would you say these services were to you to have a unique plan of action and a
schedule in place for him with specific times for activities?
These services were invaluable because my husbands health rapidly declined. The plan was
designed to help the family to know what was going on with him when we were not there since he
was constantly going back and forth to the hospital for dehydration and he was losing weight

4- Why do you feel this plan was needed?
This plan I feel is needed even for an individual in a facility because a family needs to know what is
going on with their love ones care. When you see that your love one’s health is rapid declining.
Unfortunately with so much sickness since the pandemic and a shortage of nursing and medical
staff it is almost imperative for families to check in with their love ones and know what’s going on
with them. I recommend this program to anyone needing support with caregiving.

Sandra testimonials picture

Interview with Sandra C. From Kentucky when asked the following questions:

1-How would you say a Structured Holistic Service has help you with dealing with your
mothers dementia?
It help me have knowledge of the illness and understand more about dementia.

2-How has it helped you get a good schedule together as you deal with your mothers disease
while trying to take care of your regular household responsibilities?
I am more organized with my family responsibilities, her medicine, doctors appointments and her
daily care needs.

3-How has what you have learned from the program helped your siblings living outside the
home be more cooperative and respectful of the care you’re providing their mother?

I talked to my family about the program and how it’s helping me deal with my mom’s Dementia.
What I’ve told them has helped my family better understand the role I have to have with her and this
role has to change. This has also helped my mom be more respectful and cooperative. My sister
once would enable my mom whenever she would call to complain about me or my family. But the
program has helped me to teach my sister how to not run to my moms rescue but to help my mom
be more respectful of my husband and family.

4-Have the resources you’ve looked up concerning dementia helped you understand more
about what to expect as the disease progresses on?
The resources have been wonderful because it helped me visualize the next step and I’m able to
prepared for the next step of the disease and be ahead and know what to expect.

5- Does your mothers disease sometimes take a physical and emotional toll on your health?
Yes and if you do not have the right knowledge it will stress you out and make you feel crazy. It is
very stressful because when it’s a family member you always think they understand but they don’t.

6- Has the program helped you to receive help from your spouse or other family members?
Yes I have help and feel that I am not alone and it is like team work now where everyone works
together with the same mine, my husband and children.

7-Would you recommend a SHS&S to anyone else struggling with 24/7 caregiving and if so

I recommend this program to anyone going through what I’m going through with my mother.
With dementia. Because this program will help you have a better quality life for yourself and your
family member.