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Become an affiliate of our transformative caregiving online courses. As a beacon of hope for caregivers worldwide, your efforts do more than combat burnout and make a difference.

How can you earn money from our affiliate program?

When you refer someone and they purchase the following courses, you’ll earn:

Generalized Training Courses:
Equips caregivers with versatile skills and knowledge, enabling them to competently care for patients with diverse needs.

    1. Generalized Course-1 (Weeks 1&2): You earn $50.
    2. Generalized Course-2 (Weeks 3&4): You earn an additional $50, bringing your total to $100.

Specific Training for Dementia Patients:
If your loved one is affected by Dementia, we have tailored courses just for them:

    1. Dementia Course-1 (Weeks 1&2): You earn $50.
    2. Dementia Course-2 (Weeks 3&4): You earn another $50, making your total earnings $100.

Important Note: Please note that though there are a total of 4 courses, for the full effect of the program, the courses were not designed for you to pick and choose courses. You benefit fully by purchasing the 2 courses specifically designed for your loved ones’ illness.

For example: Dementia Course 1 (Weeks 1&2) and Dementia Course 2 (Weeks 3&4) or Generalized Course 1 (Weeks 1&2) and Generalized Course 2 (Weeks 3&4).

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Why Become Our Affiliate?

    • Caring for the Caregivers: By becoming a part of our affiliate program and guiding caregivers to our online courses, you’re doing more than just earning. You’re playing a pivotal role in helping caregivers combat potentially life-threatening burnout and stress. It’s not just a commission; it’s a cause.
    • Top-tier Commissions: With each conversion, your earnings amplifies.
    • High Conversion Rates: Our course content ensures your referrals translate to rewards.
    • Dedicated Affiliate Support: We provide you with helpful information and FAQs about the affiliate program so that you will always have support at your fingertips.
    • Personal Dashboard: Access your exclusive dashboard to monitor earnings and payouts, anytime and anywhere.

Got questions or curious about SHS&S affiliate program? Reach out, and we’ll gladly fill you in!